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Here Is What You Will Get:

  • What more effective technique is there to market a bot than to use another bot? This template will make you appear like a rockstar while also setting you up with an appointment to complete the transaction by leveraging a free report as a lead generator. 😃

    During the installation process, you will be prompted with questions to help you personalize your bot. These questions will seek information about you, your company, the objective of your users, and the notification preferences you like. It is very important that when you reach the Finalize phase of the installation process, you make sure to check the "Merge Custom User Fields and Tags" button. This will ensure that all of the required fields and tags are merged together. You just need to click the link (that looks like a small arrow), and it will do everything else for you!

    REMEMBER: A growth tool is something you will always want to employ in order to get folks into your demo. This skeleton comes equipped with a landing page in addition to a URL expansion instrument (which you will use in most situations). Make sure that the growth tools are tailored to your needs.

    The instructions are included, and the process only takes about ten seconds to complete. It is important to note that despite the fact that this bot may be entirely customized, once the template has been installed, it will be one hundred percent ready to go. 🎸



  • Merline Whiller

    ''It is easy to set it up.''

    Ronald Singer

    ''Grew my business in 3 weeks with this."

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