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The Only Real Estate Chat Bot You Need

Real estate chatbots are the #1 way to automate your lead response and grow your business. Chatbots are more reliable than a human and the daily cost is less than a cup of coffee!

facebook chatbot for real estate

Chatbot and Real estate agency: What you need to know

Real estate is a very competitive industry where professionals are forced to constantly think of new marketing strategies. To succeed in selling as many properties as possible, each real estate agency must stand out. This could well involve the use of artificial intelligence with the integration of chatbots to interact with customers. In reality, the chatbot used in real estate is a conversational robot with the ability to answer most of a customer’s questions.

The real estate chatbot set up can be easily integrated into a website and social networks. Although it is a technological tool, its implementation is not as complicated as it seems. With a platform like manychat, you can simply create your chatbot and put it on a website , your Facebook page, Messenger and WhatsApp. This, without any line of code and completely adapted for your different marketing strategies. This real estate chatbot works with manychat

This Chat bot for real estate Is Built For You

A real estate chatbot can function as your virtual agent and connect you with multiple buyers, renters, and sellers at the same time. Generate leads, power up your sales, and answer your customers’ questions automatically. Our Facebook Real Estate Chatbot identifies frequently used words and quickly responds to customers' inquiries.

real estate messenger bot

Benefit #1

Streamline communication with a universal inbox — convos and convo history can be in one place and you can share access with a team through the Facebook page

Increase Engagement

Be there for your clients wherever they go — across platforms including your website, Facebook, and the Messenger phone app 

Benefit #3

Chatbots are a useful marketing tool for real estate agents because they give buyers and sellers immediate answers.

Benefit #4

Qualify leads and send you alerts when hot leads come in 

Benefit #5

Answer FAQs for buyers, sellers, and renters

Benefit #6

Generate more leads using 24/7 instant assistant and lead magnets 

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  • Real estate Messenger bots Help Site Visitors Find What They’re Looking for Faster

    Let’s face it, many of us will ask a sales clerk where we can find an item in the supermarket rather than looking at the signs above each aisle. Why? It’s faster, and more importantly, that’s what the clerks are there for.

    But there’s another reason stores have employees to help people find what they need. It offers them a chance to steer that shopper to something else they want to sell them. On your website, if someone engages with a real estate chatbot about what they’re looking for, you can then recommend properties that fit that criteria, but you can also upsell to other properties you want to move.

    real estate messenger bots
    showing real esate chatbot engaging with customer

    Real estate chat bot: Increase Engagement Rates on Their Website

    The psychology of why people decide to reach out to you from your website is dead simple. They want to know if you might be a good fit for their transaction in the future. However, there is an entire industry called CRO (click-through rate optimization) that studies and tests ways to increase the likelihood of a site visitor reaching out to you.

    The most important criteria by far is how easy you make it for them. They may not want to call you yet for several reasons, but mostly because it’s more work for them. They’re thinking they might get trapped in a 20-minute call and be forced to listen to your hard sell because they’re polite. Email is the same. But chatting is a low-effort and instantly rewarding way for them to reach out to you.

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  • Increase the number of leads generated on your website or through social media. replace or work in conjunction with the forms on your static website to generate more leads.

    Make use of a landing page for bots (as an alternative to a squeeze page or lead capture page) to boost the number of leads captured by exit intent popups on your website in order to produce more sales leads or bookings or appointments. Automate the process of making appointments via dialogue in order to boost sales and encourage more people to register for webinars and meetings. enhance the user experience of your website by boosting interaction with your content, conducting surveys and collecting feedback, providing customer support or service, and working with or in lieu of live chat operators. Using a chatbot messenger template, along with other aspects of chatbot marketing, may help you raise the percentage of people engaging with your Facebook Business page.

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